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Software / Group
Bulletin Date
Tip Description
Acrobat 12/23/2013 Adding Comments and markups
Acrobat 7/7/2014 Finding text in Adobe Acrobat Files (.pdf)
Acrobat 6/29/2015 Rotate acrobat files (.pdf)  to view Landscape
Acrobat 7/13/2015 Zooming in to see more detail - or Zoom out to see 2 pages at once
Computers 6/23/2014 Basic Computer Tutorials on-line
Excel 9/29/2014 A Double-Click Trick to Quickly Move Around Your Worksheets
Excel 5/25/2015 Add blank rows to an Excel Table
Excel 8/27/2012 Auto-Fill corner for copying values or series of values
Excel 12/12/2011 Changing Case
Excel 3/10/2014 Changing Excel's Default Font
Excel 6/17/2013 Column widths - set all at once to widest data
Excel 8/1/2011 Conditional Formatting
Excel 10/26/2015 Displaying more places after the decimal - Important in Rounding
Excel 8/26/2013 Drawing Organization Charts
Excel 9/15/2014 Easily enter data across many columns and rows - Tab and Enter
Excel 9/8/2014 Easily Highlight Duplicate Values
Excel 8/4/2014 Excel  Speak the cells as you type or after
Excel 5/13/2013 Freeze Panes - keep Column headings visible
Excel 6/3/2013 Headers & Footers
Excel 2/10/2016 Hide Excel Gridlines for a cleaner look.
Excel 2/9/2015 Inserting several rows or columns at once
Excel 1/19/2015 Move around worksheet by double-clicking cell borders
Excel 2/16/2015 Moving a block of cells - look for Move icon
Excel 11/21/2011 Quick Statistics - Select cells - Statistics at the bottom of screen
Excel 4/15/2013 Quick Sum     Alt  =,      also Excel Addict website
Excel 7/1/2013 Quickly add Totals to both Rows and Columns in Excel
Excel 11/30/2015 Repeat the last action with F4
Excel 12/8/2014 Selecting all active cells
Excel 9/14/2015 Tables - video link, how to create table
Excel 9/5/2011 Text-to-Columns - Separating data into Columns
Excel 2/23/2015 Transpose Data from a Row to a Column in Excel
Excel 4/8/2013 Where to find Print margins to manually adjust them
Excel & Access 3/26/2012 Quick Copy Ctrl ' to copy cell above
Excel & Word 4/7/2014 Change Font Size without numbers
Excel & Word 10/13/2014 Creating a Hyperlink   Ctrl  K
Excel & Word 8/13/2012 Format Painter
Excel & Word 6/18/2012 Quick Access Toolbar
Excel & Word 2/25/2013 Save As  .PDF
Excel & Word 6/1/2015 Show and Hide the Ribbon
Excel & Word 2/3/2014 Special Characters - Char Map
Hardware 9/7/2015 Context Menu Key
Hardware 8/15/2011 Lithium-Ion Batteries
Hardware 9/16/2013 Mouse Scroll Wheel -  click, ctrl click etc.
Internet 8/18/2014 Check Flight Arrival Times using Google
Internet 8/11/2014 Check Flight Schedules using Google
Internet 12/30/2013 Favorites Bar - how to add Outlook Web App
Internet 7/21/2014 Finding Images to use in your Documents
Internet 7/28/2014 Google Translator
Internet 8/31/2015 Search terms - how to exclude certain results using the - sign
Internet 9/21/2015 Search terms define, price ranges, movie, weather
Internet 9/1/2014 Stop Internet Explorer from "Suggesting Sites" on your Favorites Bar
Internet 8/3/2015 Switch between Normal View and Full Screen in most Web Browsers
Internet 11/18/2013 Type "Weather" and City Name or Zip to get weather
Internet 11/4/2013 Typing the word time and the name of a city into the Bing or Google
Internet 8/25/2014 Use Yahoo to convert an amount from one currency to another
Internet 2/4/2013 Videos to learn Technology or Software
iPad / iPhone & Apps 2/18/2013 Capture the iPad Screen
iPad / iPhone & Apps 7/22/2013 Define a Word
iPad / iPhone & Apps 3/4/2013 Keyboard shortcuts,  type  M1b   it types Monroe #1BOCES  (macro)
iPad / iPhone & Apps 7/29/2013 Keyboard tips - hold , key slide to ',  period to ", $  to euro
iPad / iPhone & Apps 3/18/2013 Links to videos on iPad Gestures, Copy & Paste etc.
iPad / iPhone & Apps 2/11/2013 Splitting the Keyboard
Office 10/28/2013 Color Scheme Office Ribbons / Toolbars
Outlook Web App 10/21/2013 Addressing Emails to Non-BOCES Staff
Outlook Web App 4/21/2014 OWA tip for your signature file - if it is Double-spaced
Outlook Web App 11/25/2013 Set Picture, Reading Pane, Order Sender/Subject Conversations
Outlook Web App 3/3/2014 Tips - large emails, scams, being safe
Security 10/17/2011 Password cartoon
Smartboards 10/14/2013 Extreme Collaboration with SmartBoards
Smartboards 7/20/2015 Link to You Tube for 27 tips
Telephones 2/6/2012 Dialing prefixes for other BOCES sites
Telephones 2/20/2012 Directories button on phone
Telephones 7/11/2011 Enabling or Disabling Personal Greetings
Telephones 9/26/2011 Retrieving phone messages when out of office
Telephones 3/12/2012 Voice Mail Tips for CISCO phone users.
Websites 5/4/2015 Smartphone app "Gas Buddy"  that tells you the Gas Prices and directions
Websites 7/30/2012 Tech Services training materials on M1B Website
Windows 7 7/16/2012 Aero Shake   to quickly minimize windows
Windows 7 4/29/2013 Alt+Tab to switch between open items
Windows 7 8/17/2015 Arranging windows side by side using Snap
Windows 7 1/20/2014 Change your Active Directory Password - Pass Phrases
Windows 7 8/10/2015 Desktop Shortcuts - how to create them
Windows 7 10/15/2012 Enlarging Windows Dialog boxes
Windows 7 12/16/2013 Folders on desktop
Windows 7 4/6/2015 How to type special characters not on the keyboard   ©    ®   ™
Windows 7 9/23/2013 Keyboard Shortcut:   Select All     Ctrl + A
Windows 7 9/30/2013 Keyboard Shortcuts:   Bold: Ctrl + B, Italics:Ctrl +I, Underline: Ctrl + U
Windows 7 10/7/2013 Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + Period (.) will rotate a picture 90 degrees
Windows 7 6/30/2014 Logging off your Computer with the keys: Windows L
Windows 7 6/22/2015 Message Notifications on screens
Windows 7 10/8/2012 Pinning an application to the Start Menu
Windows 7 1/12/2015 Print Screen
Windows 7 1/21/2013 Printing just a "Selection"
Windows 7 9/22/2014 Programs you didn't know you had - Accessories, Characters
Windows 7 5/27/2013 Recent Places
Windows 7 7/8/2013 Show Desktop - grey square by Time/Date on Taskbar
Windows 7 7/23/2012 Snipping Tool
Windows 7 7/14/2014 Snipping Tool - Capture an irregularly shaped portion of your screen
Windows 7 8/6/2012 Splitting the screen with 1 monitor
Windows 7 11/11/2013 Sticky Notes
Windows 7 5/6/2013 Ted Talks - 10 simple, time-saving tips by David Pogue
Windows 7 1/6/2014 Windows Calculator - Mortgage etc.
Windows 7 7/15/2013 Windows key - quickly view Desktop, Explorer, find a file
Windows 7 2/13/2012 Windows Key Shortcuts - Aero View, Zoom In / Out
Word 6/10/2013 Add Headers & Footers to your document
Word 10/6/2014 Alphabetizing a List
Word 12/15/2014 Bulleted Lists - change the look of the bullets
Word 5/5/2014 Change a Vertical List to a Paragraph, Replace Paragraph marks
Word 1/28/2013 Change the default font in Word 2010
Word 2/24/2014 Checkboxes  - Legacy Tools, Restrict Editing
Word 1/26/2015 Create a Hyperlink in a document
Word 8/5/2013 Crop a Picture to a Shape
Word 3/23/2015 Customized Bulleted Lists - using specialized characters (Symbols)
Word 12/9/2013 Date Picker control ( on Developer Tab)
Word 10/20/2014 Dictionary/Thesaurus Shortcut in Word
Word 1/23/2012 Displaying Hidden Symbols in Word
Word 11/3/2014 Double and Single Spacing keyboard shortcuts
Word 5/26/2014 Double Space Text - Paragraph dialog box
Word 8/19/2013 Find your last edit   Shift F5
Word 10/22/2012 Grabbing a Screen shot in Word
Word 10/27/2014 Hanging Paragraphs
Word 7/27/2015 Hide Spelling or Grammar errors 
Word 9/9/2013 Home / End of a document    Ctrl + Home,   Ctrl + End
Word 6/16/2014 Insert a Comment into a Word Document
Word 9/3/2012 Insert a horizontal line in your Word
Word 5/19/2014 Insert a Table
Word 2/17/2014 Insert underlining paragraphs    ~~~~~~
Word 12/1/2014 Instant Auto Correct spelling - right-click
Word 3/16/2015 Keyboard shortcut using Enter Key - New Page, soft return
Word 11/24/2014 Picture tools - Artistic Effects, Color
Word 1/27/2014 Select Text Quickly
Word 5/18/2015 Selecting Text Quickly - a word,  paragraph, the whole document
Word 3/2/2015 Show hidden Formatting Marks     - Paragraphs, Tabs, spaces etc.
Word 1/5/2015 Skip page numbering on title page
Word 6/24/2013 Sorting Alphabetically in Word- both First or Last Name Sorts
Word 4/28/2014 Speak commands - Computer reads back your text
Word 6/8/2015 Start page numbering on page 2
Word 4/20/2015 Stop Word from assuming you want Bulleted or Numbered lists
Word 8/12/2013 Strikeout text in a Microsoft Word document
Word 12/26/2011 Templates - greeting cards
Word 1/13/2014 Text Boxes
Word 6/9/2014 Text Boxes -Add interest to your documents with
Word 9/2/2013 Thesaurus - word suggestions
Word 3/9/2015 Turn off automatic spelling and grammar error highlighting
Word 6/15/2015 Viewing different parts of the same Word Document - Split
Word 11/9/2015 Viewing documents Side-by-Side
Word 3/17/2014 Where did I put that file? (Use Word Footers)
Word 11/10/2014 Word Count for the document